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Days until the election...

Hey There! Welcome to our Election HQ

This November 2, Virginians will get to elect a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, 100 House of Delegates, and local seats across the state. This election, like all elections, is incredibly important and we want help spread the word! 

Our goal is to inform as many Virginians about the upcoming election. We've made it easier than ever to get the information you need to make the most informed decision this November!

What you'll find below:

  • Important election dates and deadline to know (and write down!)

  • Meet all the Candidates running for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General

  • Find your House of Delegate and see who's running in your district (campaign website included!)

  • Learn more about volunteering as an Election Officer

Election Dates to Know

September 17

First day of in-person early voting at local voter registration offices

October 12

Deadline to register to vote or to update existing registration

October 22

Application deadline for an absentee ballot

November 2

Election Day – Polls open 

6 am to 7 pm

Meet the candidates!

Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

House of Delegates 

1st: Locate what district you're in. The link below will direct you to Who's My VA General Assembly which shares what legislators represent you and area you're in. With that information, you can move onto step 2!

2nd: Now that you know what district you're in, find the candidates running near you! We wrote a blog with each of the 100 House of Delegate seats up for election and all the candidates running in each area. We also included their direct campaign website so you can visit them and learn more about the candidates running. 

1st: Locate

your district!

2nd: Find

your candidate!

Interested in volunteering as an Election Officer?

An Officer of Election is part of a team that conducts elections at a polling place on Election Day. Your job is to conduct the election fairly and lawfully, and to assist voters in a courteous and respectful manner. To learn more, visit the Virginia Department of Election website here.

If you have the time and ability, we recommend volunteering to be an Election Officer. You'll receive a first-hand look into how our state elections are run, greet community members in the polling station, and ensure every eligible voter gets to cast their ballot!


If this sounds like something you're interest in, apply below!

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