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Virginia Representatives 

On this page you will find the current Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General of Virginia. Learn more about them, their position, what powers they hold and more.



Glenn Youngkin


What are some duties of the Governor?

  • Execute state laws

  • Prepare the biennial budget

  • Oversee the state bureaucracy and appoint agency heads

  • Appoint members of boards, commissions, and advisory councils

What are some powers of the Governor?

  • The governor has veto powers. All bills must be sent to the governor before becoming law.

  • The governor may commute fines or sentences and issue pardons. The governor may also restore voting rights and overturn other political penalties on individuals.


Lieutenant Governor

Winsome Sears


What are some duties of the Lieutenant Governor?

  • Preside over the Senate of Virginia

  • First in the line of succession to the governor; becomes governor in the event of the governor's death, failure to qualify, resignation, removal, or otherwise inability to serve.

  • Serve as an ex-officio member of several state boards, commissions and councils, including the Virginia Military Advisory Council and the Commonwealth Preparedness Council among others.

What are some powers of the Lieutenant Governor?

  • Cast a vote in the event that a tie vote occurs on the Senate floor


Attorney General

Jason Miyares


What are some duties of the Attorney General?

  • Support the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Virginia

  • Represent the state or any of its agencies, including the Governor, in civil or criminal cases before the courts and provide legal advice

  • Provide official opinions on the application or provisions of state laws upon the written request of legislators, judges, and certain elected or appointed state or local officials

What are some powers of the Attorney General?

  • Enforce state consumer protection and antitrust laws, conduct or assist certain criminal investigations and prosecurtions, and collect debts owed to state agencies, hospitals and universities.

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