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Mission & Vision

We Vote VA’s mission is to provide all Virginians clear, accurate, unbiased information on all things local Virginia news, politics, elections, and more! 

We Vote VA envisions transforming how we educate the public on political issues while building community and understanding. By breaking down important information in a clear and unbiased way, we can reach constituents where they are, empowering every resident and providing them with the information they need to participate in their legislative process.

Headshot of We Vote VA FOunder and Editor In Chief, Maria Reynoso

As the founder and executive director of We Vote VA, Maria Reynoso is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their local politics and elections.

A lifelong Virginian, Maria graduated from community college and university in Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and History. Her background in political science and history has equipped her with a deep understanding of the political landscape in Virginia, and her experience working in digital organizing has given her the skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead We Vote VA. 

Maria started We Vote VA because as someone who was passionate about local politics, she saw a need for a resource that could provide clear, unbiased information on local issues. She wanted to help others navigate the confusing and often overwhelming landscape of local politics and elections, and thus, We Vote VA was born. Since launching their Instagram page in 2020, the organization has thrived and quickly gained a loyal following of over 17k Virginians. 

About the founder

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